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Hands & Feet
File & Paint £10.00
Manicure (with hand and arm massage) £16.00
Luxury Manicure With Paraffin Wax £22.00
Pedicure (with leg and foot massage) £19.00
Luxury Pedicure With Paraffin Wax £25.00
All pedicures include hard skin removal - French polish £2 extra
Bio Sculpture Nails  
Make your friends well gel with a permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without chipping. Bio Sculpture gel is cured under a UVA lamp and will strengthen and promote growth of your natural nails.
All overlays include a mini manicure.
Natural Nail Overlays £25.00
Natural Nail Colour Overlays £30.00
Natural Nail Colour Overlays 'French' £35.00
Soak off (with new overlays) £5
Soak off only £8
Soak off inc. mini manicure £15
Bio Sculpture gel toes £20
Bio with pedicure £40
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